Craven Ag About Us

Founded: 1997

Owners: Billy & Jene Dunham

Employees: 19

Service Area: Eastern North Carolina

Services & Products:

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Grease Trap Pumping
  • Drain Line Jetting
  • Onsite Septic System Inspections
  • Portable Toilets
  • Compost and Topsoil.

Craven Ag Services, Inc. (CAS) is a family owned and operated business that delivers an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly waste recycling service. CAS is a sanitation company that provides vacuum trucks for grease trap and septic system cleaning and portable toilet services. In addition to liquid waste, CAS also handles dry waste from commercial industries. All the waste is brought to the CAS processing center and prepared for recycling to be returned to the soil as an amendment that encourages crop growth.

The CAS fleet currently includes four 3500 gallon vacuum trucks and four 6,000 gallon tanker trucks which respond to client service calls in 12 to 24 hours. Our portable toilet units are serviced with four pump trucks and we own approximately 400 toilet units.

Call CAS today so you can help keep North Carolina cleaner and greener!

(252) 633-5334

Our Team

Billy Dunham

Founders / Owners

Billy is committed to effective and efficient recycling. He holds numerous certifications for land, water, and waste management and invested the majority of his career with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, including being the Craven County Director for 22 years. Billy developed Craven Ag Services, Inc. in 1997 to continue making eastern North Carolina cleaner and greener by employing environmentally friendly methods of recycling farm and commercial waste. He is proud to have his sons join him on this mission.

John Dunham

Compost & Topsoil

John has spent 25 years in the landscape industry and holds a degree of Turfgrass management from NC State University. Using this knowledge, he produces high quality compost and blended soils for consumer and commercial landscape needs. John is a certified composter with the US Compost Council.

Mac Dunham

Field Services / Fleet Management

Mac graduated in 1999 from NC State University with a BS in Natural Resources, Policy and Administration and became the Field Coordinator and Supervisor of Waste Application for CAS. He is a certified NC Septic System Inspector (#4018I) and a certified NC Operator of Land Application Programs (LA #24992).

Nicole Bruns

Office Manager

Nicole keeps things running as our Office Manager who oversees accounts payable/receivable, manages all our supplies and makes everyone happy since she handles our payroll.

Angela English

Office Assistant

Angela is the sunny voice you get when you call into the office. She will get you scheduled and find the right answer to any question you have about CAS products and services.