Grease Trap Services

SepticIf you’re a homeowner with a house built in the early 1970’s, your septic system may have a separate grease trap that should be cleaned out ideally every 2-3 years.

Commercial grease traps must be serviced regularly depending on your location and your type of restaurant.  It can be every 30 days or just once a quarter. If you’re running a restaurant you need to know this.

We know how to clean out those grease traps for you and keep them working properly. It is important to your business that you stay in compliance with the sanitation rules. It is also important for the environment that both commercial and residential residue is properly disposed of.  Our pumping service ensures that you’ll do both!

We have a state of the art dewatering system that separates the solids which are then added to our compost mix while the water is recycled to irrigate farm fields. Taking care of your home and business grease traps properly means you’ll be making North Carolina greener.

Call us today to service and clean your grease traps!