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Other Services

Besides our core services, Craven Ag Services (CAS) offers a wide range of waste recycling and sanitation solutions, including riser installations, distribution box replacements, lid replacements, and vac truck services. Our commitment to efficient, economical, and Eco-friendly services has made us a top choice for customers across eastern North Carolina.

Riser Installations

Enhance the accessibility of your septic tank with our expert riser installation services. Risers provide convenient access for maintenance and inspections, saving you time and money. Trust our skilled technicians to deliver a seamless installation experience.

Distribution Box Replacement

Ensure the smooth functioning of your septic system with our distribution box replacement services. Our experienced team replaces damaged or clogged boxes with high-quality, durable alternatives to optimize wastewater distribution and prevent system failure.

Lid Replacement

Maintain a safe and odor-free property with our professional lid replacement services. CAS helps you select the right lid for your septic tank, grease trap, or distribution box, guaranteeing a perfect fit and secure closure.

Vac Truck Services

Our certified operators handle waste removal from septic systems, grease traps, and commercial applications in compliance with regulations. Waste collected is processed and recycled as a valuable soil amendment, promoting crop growth.

For more information or to schedule a service appointment, contact us at (252) 633-5334, or fill out the Estimate Form. Boost the efficiency and longevity of your waste management systems with Craven Ag Services today.

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